Top dogs in Medical Physics?

  1. For those in the field, just out of curiosity, who are the well-known Medical Physicists?

    I know Faiz Khan is one of the most renowned. His textbooks are really outstanding.
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    Who is Faiz Khan? I see one so-so book on radiation therapy. Is that him?
  4. Yeah. His textbooks are like what Griffiths or maybe Jackson are in E&M. He's also done a lot in the field.
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    Probably the best place to start would be the AAPM Coolidge Award winners. There you'll see the likes of:
    John R. Cunningham
    William R. Hendee
    F. H. Attix
    Faiz M. Khan
    Ervin B. Podgorsak
    Dave W.O. Rogers
    ... to name a few.

    Other big names off the top of my head include:
    T. Rock Mackie
    David Jaffray
    Marcel van Herk
    Jake Van Dyk

    (I'm probably biassed towards the Canadians).
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