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Top down solidworks design approach

  1. Dec 15, 2011 #1
    Here is my problem

    I would like to create a layout or some other "entity" where all of the basic geometry for the subsequent parts of the assembly are based off of. To my understanding you create a layout sketch which only starts to exist in 2d then create blocks and then create a part from the aforementioned blocks. However, when I do this I have found that the parent layout's equations driving the design disappear and I get errors to the effect of I deleted the sketch that the equations were driving. I also find that if I modify the layout sketch that the geometry that was converted into a part is no longer modifiable.

    So is there a way to preserve the geometry in the layout so i could have a modification propagate its way through to the part level and can you have multiple planes in the layout to create a 3d layout?

    Are there any tutorials or good resources that anyone would recommend?

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