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Top grades for MIT

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    Hello all,

    When i read top grades for MIT or other Us, what do you ppl mean by that?
    How top (high) grades, what % someones marks and/or averages have to be?

    I really do not understand it. Thank you all, Mika
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    I would say close to if not perfect scores on SAT's and SAT II's in math and science. Perfect scores in AP exams. At the top of your class in high school, unless you go to a competitive and well-known public high school or prep school.
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    Juvenile, thank you very much. Although my high school marks are at the top but it would be to much stress for me and my parents.
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    sorry,sorry, I did mean juvenal, sorry
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    Here's what MIT says about SAT scores:

    Competitive Scores

    For students we admitted in 2004, the middle 50% score range was between 680-770 for SAT-I: Verbal and 730-800 for SAT-I: Math. We do not have cutoff scores for the SAT I and SAT II, as scores are evaluated within an applicant's context.

    For the TOEFL exam, the institute minimum is 577 (233 on the computer-based exam).
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