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Top physics universities? some college-finding help!

  1. Sep 8, 2003 #1
    princeton? stanford? MIT? then what? what are some of the better physics (or simply physical sciences) schools?

    (i can't seem to find a good website with this kind of info.)

    this is coming from a high school junior with a current 4.0, 2 varsity sports, newspaper editor, 2.5 ap classes this year, (4 next year -- ap calculus, ap physics, ap spanish 5th year, ap computer science (JAVA)) .....and um id have the financial abilities to go to nearly any school, public or private.

    any help is GREATLY APPRECIATED.

    [btw, i visited stanford briefly last year but didn't really tour it, have interest in UW-Madison --i live in wisc--, and plan to visit MIT, harvard, princeton, colombia, yale, NYU, etc. in the east for a week this spring break]

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