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Top ten physics journals

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    Gentlemen and Lady,

    Assuming that Physical Review is the #1 journal to get published in,
    what would the top 10 be?

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    No it's not. For many areas of physics, it is Science and Nature that are the #1 journals to publish in. For high energy physics, it is PRL.

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    I didn't know that! Thanks, ZZ. I really didn't think I would get a serious answer in the General Discussion forum.

    You singled out PRL. But what about PR(A-Z)?
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    PRL is meant to be written for a general physics audience, based on specilisations in the Phys. Rev. Series...

    PRA: Molecular, Atomic and Optical.

    PRB: Condensed Matter and Materials.

    PRC: Nuclear.

    PRD: Particles, Field, Gravity, Cosmology.

    PRE: Statistical, Nonlinear and Soft Matter.

    (Also, PRL has :tongue: been called Physical Review Lottery a few times -- and people have been pissed with it because it can be a bit cliquey.)

    There are a lot more which are harder to get into though, eg. Applied Physics Letters.

    PRZ: that's by invitation from the Queen, only :tongue: :wink:
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