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Top tips.

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    A place to share your slightly unconventional tips on life.

    Deter would-be neighbours you don't like the look of from buying the house next door by recording the sounds of planes landing at your local airport and playing them full-blast out your window while they view the house.
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    Or the noise of a housemate furiously masturbating to CDs of pornographic film soundtracks....

    My top tip:
    Cast fish bones into concrete in buckets, and hide around your house and garden for a fun 'fossil hunt' to keep children occupied at house parties.
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    Or... cast them into buckets of wet concrete for the benefit of those unleashed neighbourhood cats who use your yard as a litter box.
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    Lol. Thats good.
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    Cast children into wet concrete buckets to keep them out of your hair at house parties.
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    I like children in the abstract, not in the concrete. My tip, compare constants to variables rather than the other way around. If you write

    const int NUMBER_OF_PEOPLE_IN_CONCRETE = 10;
    int aNumberOfChildren = 5;
    if (aNumberOfChildren = NUMBER_OF_PEOPLE_IN_CONCRETE) ...
    when what you mean is
    if (aNumberOfChildren == NUMBER_OF_PEOPLE_IN_CONCRETE) ...
    then you will not discover your mistake until run time, if then. If you have one of those Dr. Anderson computers, this will not be a problem, but for the rest, your pacemaker will likely start killing people somewhere down the road. But if you write:
    if (NUMBER_OF_PEOPLE_IN_CONCRETE = aNumberOfChildren) ...
    then you will get a compiler error. This will be easier to fix, even if you have a Dr. Anderson computer.
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    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

    My parents detered would-be-neighbors with friendiness regarding... "well, that (vacant) lot (you just bought) has bad drainage, but we'll allow you to connect to the drainage tile that runs through this (far-away) corner of our lot!" The cost of doing so preserved the blackberry patch in the lot next to my parents' house until well after I graduated high school.
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