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Top Video Game Vixens…thoughts?

  1. Oct 15, 2006 #1
    This month’s playboy has an article (well…pics too) of several upcoming video gaming girls…including those from God of War, Splinter Cell, Scarface, and a few others. Not sure where they got the images from (I haven’t seen any birthday suits in the games I play…but maybe there’s unlock codes out there?)

    Anyways, this leads me to my question. Who do you think is the hottest video game chick, past, present, or future?

    Looking to keep a tally, so short replies are good…but feel free to mention a few if you’re undecided.

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    I havent played alot of video games. But I like the kickass look of Rayne from BloodRayne.
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    god of war is pretty good
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    God of War had a vixen?
  6. Oct 17, 2006 #5
    the princess from mario.
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    Hah. Dont forget the Eve of computer gaming sprites, Mrs.Pacman :!!)
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    Dude, did you sign up on every forum on the Internet to post that? Is this some form of marketing?

    Look up "Top Video Game Vixens" on Google, with quotes. The same username with the same post over and over and over. First post everywhere. Does Playboy pay you directly, or are you subcontracted, Mr. Script?
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