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Ok I need me some super help. I have a term paper due next monday and things have just been piling on me like theres no tomorrow so im barely getting a topic as we speak :cry: :cry: :cry: . So I need some suggestions here. I need an important figure to do a report on that was famous or notable before the end of the Civil War (and after 1400's) but they cannot be REALLY famous people (Washington, Jefferson, Robert E. Lee, Hamilton, other well known founding fathers, or British monarchs). I also need some information if anyone happens to have any off the top of their head and resources (that can basically only be first/secondhand accounts, diaries, books (not textbooks), and magazine articles).

Sorry if this is the wrong place but im pretty much spending every waking hour for the next 5 days looking for every little bit of information or idea that i can find.

Oh and of course, by Wednesday I have to do a presentation on String Theory! Man life sucks right now. Thanksgiving will truely have meaning for me and it's going to be more like "thank god I havent gone on a murderous rampage because every professor thinks im cannon fodder for their grade books".

Save a penguin o:) o:) o:)
Try the Shawnee Indian leader, Tecumseh. Late 1700s-early 1800's. He and his brother Tenskwatawa lead a nearly successfull attempt to form a coalition of many disparate tribes to drive all white people back to the east side of the Mississippi. Much more than a footnote, but less than "REALLY" famous.


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ooo and i thought he was on our list of people we couldn't use.. but he's not! I'll keep that in mind.

Ugh, I need resources! They pretty much have ot be eyewitnes accounts, journals, magazine articles, diaries, and books. Any suggestions.
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