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Topics in Energy Efficiency

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    I need to research something on energy efficiency, but I have no idea what I should do.
    I've looked at laundry systems, dehumidification in hospitals, textile production.

    Energy efficiency in residential or commercial settings is paradox because engineers worked to make every component more efficient, but houses for example, are bigger and a lot more components are being powered up (heating, fridges, TV's, air conditioning, lighting). That is a result of people use more when they realize that these things are using less power. The usage of efficient technologies outweigh the benefits intended.

    How can lighting be a topic for me discuss when we light up every thing. Even with the use of LED's or florescent.

    I am really interested in electric power generation, manufacturing. That really gets me in the zone.
    But, please give me some hot topics in energy efficiency.
    I do look forward to some feedback
    Thank You.
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    This post may be fuzzy, but the point is that I need a topic that is easy to research.
    Well I'm not researching anything, I have to look at some papers, and then put a paper together on other people research.
    Just have to aggregate everything. That's all.
    But I am enthusiastic about it: energy efficiency in oil production. Is it easy to research on. You tell me.
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    No, you tell us. Why don't you start searching topics on the internet and see what you come up with? Or go to a library and ask the librarian to assist you in finding resources? Doing the legwork for you is not going to help you, that's part of what you are supposed to learn from this practice.

    It sounds like a pretty simple assignment.
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