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Topology for Math GRE

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    I won't be able to take a course in topology before I have to take the mathematics subject test of the GRE. I have the Princeton Review guide, but I'm looking for a little stronger of a foundation. Is there a good book introductory book for this purpose? If so, what sections should I read?
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    Munkres Topology is a very popular, standard introduction to Point Set Topology. I would suggest reading Part 1 (Part 2 is Algebraic Topology).
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    Thanks a bunch! I'll look in to that.
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    Cool. It is an extremely popular book so you should probably be able to find it in a library.
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    I'm actually in the math building of my university right now and just picked it up from the library across the hall :) It looks to be well written, but I'm a little worried about the lack of solutions in the book. I guess I can search for the specific questions or ask here.

    Thanks again!
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    A very good and concise introduction is in "Mathematical Physics" by Robert Geroch.
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