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TOPU-Theory of Parent Universe

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  1. Feb 26, 2004 #1
    Dear members,

    You might have come across a book titled “Two Big Bang Created the Universe” (Formed in Eternal Space) authored by Indian Cosmo-Theorist Dr. Raj Baldev who is compared with another living legend Stephen Hawking, the famous Physics theorist from England.

    Dr Raj Baldev and Hawking both are in the news of different world forums in the field of Cosmology and Black Hole.

    Dr. Baldev has found out a new theory known as Theory of Parent Universe (TOPU) or Theory of Two Big Bangs. The author has totally reconstructed the age old Theory of Single Big Bang.

    Dr Raj Baldev has fundamental differences with those scientists who supported the Big Bang theory blindly. The author agrees that the Big Bang did happen and helped create the Universe but he asserts that there were two Big Bangs instead of one. They occurred one after the other with a gap of one billion years. The first Big Bang occurred 15 billion years ago and the second and final Big Bang burst 14 billion years ago and was responsible to create the Universe and the stars of first generation, according to him, which came up between 1 and 2 billion years and it has been reconfirmed by latest findings by the American Astronomers.

    Dr. Raj Baldev puts forth very strongly that the Space is eternal; a major fundamental difference between TOPU and Single Big Bang, and the Space has been in existence before the Big Bang. The Scientists feel that the Single Big Bang was responsible to create the Space and it is still expanding. Where as Dr. Raj Baldev says that there are seven circuits in the infinite Space where the galaxies are expanding and adjusting in their respective circuits. According to him Universe is not expanding but the galaxies are only shifting their circuits and where from it looks as if the Universe were expanding. It is advisable first to read the book titled “Two Big Bangs Created the Universe” by Dr Raj Baldev, www.twobigbangs.com[/URL] before jumping on to any conclusion.

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  3. Mar 26, 2004 #2

    The theory of TOPU is actually the theory of Two Big Bangs. The theory of Two Big Bangs or TOPU is the mother of all theories of all times. With the new experiment of American Physists is very interesting. Their experiment has detected the disintegration of kaon, or K-meson, which can break apart in a verity of ways. One particular decay, in which the kaon turns into other particles, a positively charged pion, a neutrinon, and antineutrino - is important due to the internal subatomic processes involved and its sensitivity to new physical effects not accounted for in the standard theory of Big Bang. They are of the opinion that definition of the theory of Big Bang, its gamma rays and other effects as assumed by scientists who formed the matter proves wrong. They have categorically declared that they have to depart from the theory of the Big Bang which is accepted as a standard theory today.

    As explained by you and acknowledged by various scientists of the world that the new theory of TOPU (Theory of Parent Universe) or the theory of Two Big Bangs has already contradicted the theory of big bang. The new hypothesis of TOPU or Theory of Two Big Bangs has covered all answers of the new experiment of the new theory of supersymmetry which is being analyzed with the most advanced computer of the world.

    In these circumstances it shall be advisable for these American scientists from Brookhaven National Laboratory to study the Two Big Bangs from the book titled Two Big Bangs Created the Universe (Formed in Eternal Space) authored by Dr. Raj Baldev, Indian Cosmo theorist, who is considered an authority just because all the findings and probings on cosmos which have recently been recorded and released globally by the American Scientists have matched with the findings that Dr. Raj Baldev has given in this book which I feel is the bible of cosmology.

    This new theory of TOPU or Two Big Bangs can be logged on www. Google.com

  4. Apr 27, 2004 #3
    Dear Madam,

    TOPU is the other name of 'Two Big Bang Theory'. TOPU means Theory of Parent Universe, which is the beginning of the theory of the Universe. It should be equally better if the TOPU also picks up the popularity as Two Big Bangs Theory has attained. People understand the theory more by the name of Two Big Bangs rather than TOPU, still it is essential for the people to know that it is one and the same theory.

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