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A camper is carrying water from a nearby river to teh campsite using a pole over his shoulders with a bucket at each end. When both buckets are fullm the mass of bucket 1 is much greater than bucket 2.

Describe two different methods the camper could use to balance the load. Use diagram ( Don;t have to) and provide an explanation for each method.

So what are the two ways?


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A toque is a kind of hat isn't it?

Oh, wait- you meant "torque"! Well that's a hint isn't it?

One method is to put the pole holding the two buckets on your shoulders at a point so that the torque (weight times distance) is the same on both sides. Specifically, it the mass of bucket1 is M1 and its distance from your shoulders is X1, the mass of bucket2 is M2 and its distance, X2, then you must have X1M1= X2M2 (weight is proportional to mass in this problem). Another method would be to tie rocks to M2 to make it as heavy as as M1!

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