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Torn between Studies

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    There are two fields of study that have amazed me by their intriguing complexity and potential for the future. These are Theoretical Physics and Nanotechnology/Aerospace Engineering. I've loved Theoretical Physics because of the Mathematical Elegance and simplicity of ideas. My fascination in Theoretical Physics is mostly in Quantum Gravity, Particle Physics and Condensed Matter Physics. My reluctance to enter Physics in University is derived by how difficult it is for Physics Undergraduates and possibly graduates to find a Employment, even if I do find employment I won't be doing research or working in what I'm interested in. Nanotechnology/Aerospace Engineering on the other hand is the closest field to Theoretical Physics and it is a becoming applicable to the world and hence their is great demand for these researchers and Engineers. I'm driven to Theoretical Physics because of my fascination but Nanotechnology/Aerospace Engineering provides similar sophistication and unique ideas and includes better employment, opportunities, and ability to sustain myself financially. I would love to hear your thoughts on my perception so that I can make my decision and will be satisfied with it.

    Thanks, Kevin
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    1) Double major?
    2) Perhaps it's not an issue, because "nanotech engineering" is not offered at my school, I've never actually heard of it as a specific undergraduate engineering degree, so perhaps it's a more prominent graduate degree? In which case, you could do your undergrad in physics, and at that point choose whether you want to study theoretical physics or nanotech engineering (I'm sure a physics undergrad degree will give you better ground to choose between the two).
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    Actually the University of Toronto and University of Waterloo both have Nanoengineering as an undergraduate: http://nano.uoftengineering.com/ [Broken]
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