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Tornado VLM

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    Hello everyone!! I'm a aerospace engineering student. I'm working in my own program for blended wing body aircraft parameterized design.

    I'm triyed to use Tornado program but it doesn't even allow me to setup the geometry, after introducing the chord the program goes in a bucle and when I stop it (ctrl+c) it shows:

    " In main (line 127)
    [geo]=inpt18(geo); %New input function called. TM20070329 "

    Does any one have the same problem, and know the solution.
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    Welcome to the PF.

    What do you mean by "send you the program"? Is this something that should be paid for?
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    Not at all, the Tornado program is an opensource program (code) distributed according to the GNU-Open license protocol.

    I'm not familiar witht the specific rules of this site, but my request is not at all against the law.
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