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Toroidal cell

  1. Apr 9, 2009 #1

    Being in an entirely different business I am ignorant of the opportunity presented to me to invest in A welder that produces a ?2000degree flame running on HHO from 8.4 amps (household supply) water using toroidal cell. Apparently this produces 400L/hr of HHO gas which will power a welder.

    I have previously asked questions on this topic as I'm fascinated by the idea of energy from water in a ignorant way.

    Please could someone tell me the required ampage/ coulombs to electrlyse water to H2+O2 to produce 400L/min and can this be done from a housegold supply?

    Sorry if this is asking to square the cicrle but there's my investment money at stake, some pride, and a need for education.

    Great thanks.
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