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Toroidal engine

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    i thought of a design for a toroidal engine. is there anyway i can check if it is actually possible to practically implement this design?
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    Its already been done several times.

    http://www.starrotor.com/Engines/EngineAnimation.aspx [Broken]
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    that is a rotary engine. i was talking about a toroidal engine like a trochilic engine. what i really want to know is if there is any simulation or anything in which i could check if a design is practical and efficient.
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    Woops, your right. I got toroid mixed up with trochoid.

    I've seen these before. There is a local university doing some R&D for a very similar design. Toroidal engines suffer from complexity, high tolerance parts, and lack of ability to adapt to upcoming engine technologies. They do offer the potential to have very high specific power.
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    Before a simulation can be done, you need to know what info you have and what info you need from you simulation. if you want a basic simulation, then pen and paper for a few steps of the process maybe a simple way to get a feel for the numbers involved. You could use something like Simulink which runs with matlab or maybe just excel and some iterations. if you have a specific sketch or something, then you are going to have to break it down into its elements and relationships and see how to go from there. next simulation step is building a prototype or breadboard. it all depends on what you're thinking of and what results you want.
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