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Torque and magnetic fields

1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
The problem is as seen in the attachment.

2. Relevant equations
T(torque) = (N)(I)(A)(B)(Sin(theta))

3. The attempt at a solution
For this question I used the above formula to find the magnitude of the torque, but what I am not sure about is which orientation would produce the "maximum torque" that it is asking about.

Could someone please tell me which orientation would give a "maximum torque" and why?

By the way, I calculated the magnitude of the torque to be 18 Newton*meters.


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[tex]\theta [/tex] is the angle between the coil and the the direction of magnetic induction. or rather the direction of the current and the magnetic induction. Now try putting the values of [tex]\theta[/tex] accordingly and try and get the answer. By the way, what did you take the value theta to be, when you calculated its magnitude as 18Nm?

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