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B Torque and slipping

  1. Jul 31, 2016 #1
    If I have two wheels with a contact point connection when the one of the wheels is starting a rotation due to a certain torque which condition do the torque have to fulfill in order to:
    1) starting the rotation
    2) guarantee a rotation without skid

    My toughs for now are:
    1) the torque has to face the static friction moment acting on the contact point. This is just to start the rotation.
    2) after the initial rotation the torque can has to decrease in order to transmit the right tangential force for assure no skid.
    Result (for me): there always be a minimum skid at the rotation starts.

    Please answer me because this is killing me :nb):nb):nb):nb)
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    The force of static friction will take on whatever value it has to (within its limits) in order to prevent relative motion between the two wheels. If the wheels are at rest and under no external torques than the force of static friction will be zero. There is nothing to overcome.

    If any torque is applied to the one wheel, no matter how small, the static friction will adjust itself so that the two wheels accelerate smoothly together.
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