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Torque and Tension

  1. Jan 5, 2016 #1
    The uniform, 120-N board shown in Fig. 5-19 is supported by two ropes as shown. A 0.40-kN weight is suspended one quarter of the way from the left end. Find FT1, FT2, and the angle θ made by the left rope.

    Thank you for those who will give time and solve this problem. :)
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    Fig. 5-19

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    You're operating under a misunderstanding of the rules for HW threads here at PF.

    You are the one who must solve this problem. We're here to give you hints or to answer questions you might have as you work through the problem. PF is not a HW service. :frown:
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    +1 Forum rules say you should use the homework template and make an attempt to solve it. Not only do you learn more that way but we avoid wasting time teaching stuff you already know.
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