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Torque calculations

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    Hi all,

    I have a the following problem to solve fairly quickly, I need to calculate the required input torque to my gearbox and pump

    Gearbox output torque - 0.12348Nm
    Gearbox output speed - 80 rpm
    Gearbox input speed - 4 rpm

    Gearbox (compound gears) Gear A, driver = 100 teeth, Gear B, driven = 20 teeth, Gear C, driver = 80 teeth and Gear D, driven = 20 teeth

    Gearbox Ratio 1:20

    What is the input torque?
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    20 times the output torque
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    Power is not stored in the gear train. We assume that the process is reversible with no losses. since power=torque*omega(angular velocity) set the two equal to each other and solve. Don't forget to convert rpms to rads/sec.
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    edit, energy is not stored in the drivetrain...............
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