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Torque Equation

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    how does one prove [tex]\tau=I\alpha[/tex] for continious mass distribution where [tex]\tau[/tex] is the net external torque along the axis of rotation [tex]I[/tex] is the moment of inertia,and [tex] \alpha[/tex] is the angular accelaration ....
    i know the proof when the mass distribution is discrete...
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    look at your discrete version and see how you can turn the sum into an integral ... eventually, i think the integral get absorbed in the definition of I (moment of inertia)
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    well taht doesn't happen ...because the discrete version necissates teh existance of point like particles...what does ahppen that thsi turns out to be a very good approximation...using the fact that as the mesh value of the riemann sum decrease it converges to the riemann integral; for a closed bounded function
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