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Torque equation

  1. Apr 19, 2010 #1
    This is really just a matter of curiosity. Can you manipulate the torque equation of (t=nBIAcos) to find the magnetic field, B?

    Or do you just stick to the other formulas?
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    Assuming you are given the torque,n,I,A and θ. Then of course you can rearrange it. (Is that the equation for torque? I can't remember it properly)
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    Yes, that's the equation for torque. How could you rearange it to B (the magnet field). I am having trouble with equations like this one , with more than three factors. How would you rearange this one?
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    Think of the equation like this


    T= B (nIAcosθ)

    and you can divide both sides by 'nIAcosθ'
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    Gracias, thank you for your help.
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