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Torque for a radial vane water pump

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    Have a spinning rotor/impellor with open channels directed radially outward (similiar to a radial vane centrifigal pump with 90 degree straight blades - such as an older automotive heater fan ). The channels have constant area from the inner to outer radius. Realize this isn't a very efficient design but would like to calculate the torque and radial velocity of the fluid leaving the channels. Have tried using the basic equations for turbomachinery but with the pure radial flow (ideal) haven't had much luck. Attached jpg of the layout with dimensions.

    Fluid = water
    R1 = 1 inch
    R2 = 3 inches
    RPM = 2400 RPM
    Tangential Velocity at R1 = 20.94 feet per sec
    Tangential Velocity at R2 = 62.83 feet per sec
    Area of each flow channel A1 = .7763 square inches

    Thanks for any help.

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