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Torque on a wheel

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    For a project, I'm using spinning wheels to accelerate a foam ball. I know the output motor stats (rpm), torque, etc. It's connected by a pulley to a sprocket, which is then connected by a shaft to the spinning wheel. I'm wondering, how would I do the calcs from the motor to the spinning wheel? It's pretty urgent, so any help is appreciated.
    The formula's I'[ve tried are T = F * d, but I'm not sure how the torque varies across the system.
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    As long as there's some minimal amount of torque sufficient to get the wheel up to speed in a reasonable time, it doesn't matter. The momentum of the entire system, will be more of a factor than the torque from the motor when launching a foam ball. The main issue will be to gear the system so the wheel spins at the rpm you want to produce the speed you want.

    You mention wheels, so I assume this is two sets of motor, pulley, wheel?
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    No, it's two wheels on one axle, but I can adjust that...let's assume 1 for now. Thanks!
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