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Torque prblm

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    Hey! I'm new here.. and I desperately need help for some PHYS12 hw.. I hope I'm in the right place. My new teacher has a strong russian accent so I don't understand a single word he ever saids.

    A uniform 1.3 kg beam hinged at one end supports a 0.5 kg block. the bean is held level by a vertical 0.8 kg rod resting on a Newton scale at the other end. What is reading on the scale?

    Here's the diagram:
    <img src="http://picturemessaging.fido.ca/mmp...ransform=introtate&value=90&random=12150011">
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    sry there we go.
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    We need to see your attempt at solving this problem. The system is in equilibrium, which tells you that the total force and total torgue acting on any object in the system is zero.
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    Nvm got it! Pretty much my attempt was totally off. My teacher who's really a sub for our real teacher.. who pretty much ran off to Austrailia gave us teh worksheets and taught the lesson for the worksheets the next class. Anyways my attempt at it was pretty much a blindshot and it dind't hlep that I didn't know what the answer was. Thanks anyways. I'm sure I'll have more questions as my teacher who saids he's a Physics teacher just steals his lesson plans off the internet.

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