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Homework Help: Torque question

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    A 51.0 kg uniform solid cylinder has a radius of .392m. If the cylinder accelerates at 9.2*10^-2 rad/s^2 as it rotates about an axis through the center, how large is the torque acting on the cylinder? Answer in N*m.

    so I plugged into the equation:

    that was wrong. If anyone has any ideas what I did wrong and feels like sharing their wisdom, that would be great.
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    Hi BoldKnight399! :smile:

    (have a tau: τ and an omega: ω and an alpha: α :wink:)
    uhh? :confused:

    But you don't know what F is.

    Use τ = Iα. :smile:
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    But what is I? Is it:
    and if so...what is my L? I only know the radius.
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    You need to learn every moment of inertia on this list … http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_moments_of_inertia" [Broken] :wink:
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    ok wow this is really helpful except that I don't have the height of the cylinder. What do i do then?
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    First of all, (5.1*(9.2^-2)*.392) is only 0.1839264
    However (51*(9.2*10^-2)*.392) = 1.839264
    The cylinder is solid. Rotational inertia is dependent on the shape of the object and its mass distribution.
    You should either look it up ( see http://hyperphysics.phy-astr.gsu.edu/Hbase/mi.html#cmi ), or compute it.
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    You don't need the height. Moment of inertia is independent of it.
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    Wait...i don't? o never mind. This all makes sense now. Thank you!
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