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Torque to move a mass

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    I have a crane that is moving a mass of 1000 lbs. the arm is 10 ft. long and the shaft where the rotation occurs consists of two bushings with which to rotate the shaft, and a thrust bearing to help bear the load. I need to find out how much torque is required to turn the shaft of the crane. I must take into account the friction in the bearings
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    You've made a statement. Now what's your question?

    I can say that just "to move" an object, no matter how massive, without any specification of how quickly requires only the force be non-zero. Hence including friction, the requirement "to move" will only require you surpass the friction.

    (Archimedes said "Give me a lever and I will move the Earth!", I say "We don' need no stinkin' leaver!")
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