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Torque wrench

  1. Jun 25, 2004 #1
    Hi i'm designing a torque wrench. But i need some help.

    I have a drawing torque3.jpg

    the gear connects to the socket. If i'm putting 300ft/lb torque on a nut using the socket connected to the gear. and the gear connection to the handl thru the gear locker, and the gear locker can push against the weight. Will the gear locker push against the weight with 300ft/lb? the weight is actually a sensor. I want the sensor to be able to sense that there is 300ft/lb of torque being exerted on the nut

    Now my second drawing torque2.jpg uses a spring like a normal torque wrench.

    at the end of the handle there will be a dial that will tighten and losen the spring which pushes against the gear locker, which in turn keeps the gear connected to the handle. say i put the wrench of 150lb/ft torque using the dial, then the spring pushes the gear locker with enough force to keep it connected up to 150lb/ft torque, if it goes over, the gear's teeth push the locker and spring back and it disconnects form the handle.

    how would i calculate the spiring tension, etc to get this working. Can someone give me links, leading me to the right direction.

    Thanks for any answers.

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