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Torrent download rate is slow

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    For all the Computer Geniuses,
    I am trying to download some torrent file.And the download rate is just 6kbps,Seeders are 500 something and leechers are 162. This Sucks
    However,Sometime ago with another torrent,I reached 60kbps with less than 100 seeders. :)))

    Do you know any tricks to make downloading faster?I searched google and could not find a very nice solution.
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    As far as I am aware there are no tricks. I am getting 600 kbps now and then, but sometimes things go much slower.

    From what I know sometimes it can be a problem with the local net configuration and port forwarding - but first, I have no idea about details, second, it depends on how you are connected to the internet (so it may, or may not be relevant for you).
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    I often get 3 MB/s so it's got a lot to do with your internet connection.
    How fast do you download files from the internet in a browser?
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    Often ISPs will detect torrent downloading and will deteriorate your download speed
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    My normal speed is 60kbps ,My network connection is however,512kbps
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    There's a lot of things that can get in the way when it comes to downloading a file via torrents.
    Keep in mind:
    • that the time of day you are on may make a difference (cable connections share bandwidth so at peak hours you may not get the same speeds)
    • While you may have may seeds, if all of them are geographically far away (not in North America) the connection may be slow to being with.
    • As Greg mentioned, ISPs will often throttle torrent traffic when they identify it, that will slow it down.
    • As Borek mentioned, if the correct ports on your firewall are not opened, then your speeds will drop. This will depend on the client program you are using. Some clients rotate the ports they work on while others let the user define a static port.
    • Your firewall software may be blocking the ports you're connecting to peers on.
    • You may be using up too much bandwidth when you're seeding
    there's a lot of stuff that can get in the way.

    i would suggest finding out exactly how good your connection is.
    i use www.speedtest.net to get an idea of what kind of connection speed I have. test with a few different servers in your geographic region, if you're in the US, try a few East cost and West coast servers and whatever city you live in. Then set your upload limits to be 40-50% of your max upload speed for all files added together. 50% may sound high but you dont want to be a leecher right ;)
    So if you're seeding 4 files at a time and your max upload is 8mbps, then set individual file limit to 1 mbps. This way you can still use the internet.

    avoid downloading more than 4 files at a time. Windows limits the number of active TCP connections you can have at any given time, so if you try to download too many files, they will all slow down even though you have bandwidth to spare.

    try to do your torrenting at night when most people are asleep and overall network traffic is lower.

    that's all i came up with off the top of my head.
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    Alternatively, you could comment on the torrent in all caps "SEEEEEEEDD!!!111!!11!" and add a few expletives on the end. That always works.
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    I never seeded a torrent.
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