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Torrent Speed Sucks

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    I am in the dorms at the University of Michigan and I was wondering if there was anyway to get around the packet fitlering so I can get download speeds above 3kb/s. (Its sad when I get excited that my torrent is downloading at 3kbs/s)

    I use Azureus as my client.

    thx ahead of time
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    You can use a transparent proxy on port 80. Azureus has an option in its configuration for such setup.

    Do a google search for public proxies to find ip/ports you can use. Make sure it is trasparent. Otherwise the connection is going to be really slow.
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    I'm not really sure what you mean. Could you explain a bit more what I would have to do. I haven't messed this this kind of stuff before.
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    Sure your not going to get into trouble trying to bypass network security? I know when I was in the dorms for my college they were very strict about such things and evictions were common.
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    I don't know... I guess I'll try it until they say something... I just need to be able to have normal torrent download speeds...its driving me nuts. I need programs and such for school. Plus a movie here and there is nice.
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    I mean I get 2mb/s upload at the library but in my dorms... come on
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    Go to Options->Connection

    You'll see proxying of tracker and peer. That's where you stick the proxy info.

    Btw, Greg is right, you might get your internet suspended if you try this. If your smart you might want to go with a VPN tunnel instead. That would garantee that the school wouldn't know your using bittorrent. All they would see is lots of bandwidth used.
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