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Torrents can anyone help me with it

  1. Sep 24, 2006 #1
    I am trying to set the settings for bitSpirit behind the college LAN(so i dont hv any access to router incase they are using), is there any way out that will allow me to download the files via torrents
    portmapping is saying all my ports are closed except port no 53????

    Thnks if anyone can help me out with this
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    Why? In all likelihood, your IT policy forbids it. What legitimate academic use can you have for a BT client?

    Port 53 is usually used for DNS, so you shouldn't attempt to tie that up with BT. Besides, any reasonably alert sysop will know if you install/use BT software or if you attempt to install a firewall tunnel. Illicit File sharing on a college LAN can expose both you personally and your college to huge lawsuits, and can derail your whole future. So keep the consequences in mind.
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    many legal files are distributed using bit-torrent. Its a very efficient way of distribution if you cant afford/ or dont want to have a heavy load on your server
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    No doubt, but the fact remains that at this time, the BT protocol is used more for illegal FS than legal FS. Because of this, and other reasons, most universities prohibit the installation of BT software on their workstations. The OP must clarify that such a thing is allowed on his network. But if it's legit, even his own IT dept will help out with it, I'm sure.
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    Well Torrent is actually an application layer protocol (p2p), right? Which sits on top of tcp/ip. So should be ban IP because it can be used for illegal purposes? Nope.

    So jumping to conclusions regarding torrents use isnt useful. Many open source files are distributed this way. In fact some voip apps use p2p. I can think of numerous *academic* uses for using Peer 2 peer technology.
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