Torricellis Law

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1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

ok, im doing an assignment on torricellis law but I have run into a big problem. I have a bowl which can be described by the function:

squareroot(1/0.11*h). This bowl has a hole in the bottom of a radius of 0.004m. But when I use the relavant formula and integrate it, it says it takes 1200s to drain it. The bowl has a depth of 0.11m. have done experiments and this is far from correct.

2. Relevant equations

I use the following formula:


where B is the crosssectional area.

I use maple 13 to try to solve it, but it wont give anything reasonable.


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What does squareroot(1/0.11*h) represent? Cross-sectional area?

Also, in dh/dt*A(h)=-0.6*B*squareroot(2*g*h), what's the -0.6 for? Show us in detail how you got 1200 s.

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