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Torsion angle

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    Dear all,

    I need clarification regarding torsion angle.
    In text book torsion angle is explaining that one end is rigidly fixed another end is giving load.In this we can visualize theta where as practical application motor coupled with line(transmitting lengthy shaft)shaft i cannot visualize theta becoz in this while transmitting load line shaft is properly supported at the ends& in between since rotatoinal free at both ends will it theta available?

    our layout is shaft is coupled to one together in between load is transmitted
    No of shafts -25,shaft(one shaft) length-1m,In between torque is transmitted

    if we used standard formula will that is accepted one? also more than

    25 shaft are copuled together and it joining by rigid couplings can we

    take Length as total length?

    Thanks for the replies

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    use the net torque.

    the example where one end of the loaded shaft is fixed is equivalent to a free end with a reaction torque (moment).
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    Thanks for your comment
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