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Torsion Test Equipment

  1. Feb 12, 2012 #1

    I'm a student of mechanical engineer and currently doing a project on "fabricating a torsion test equipment".

    I'm just wondering about my torque calculations.

    My design is quite simple, consists of:

    - angle iron (frame)
    - torque angle gauge (to measure angle of twist)
    - 2x 1/2" drill chucks (one fixed at the other end and one is rotating with a torque wrench as an applying force)

    Now, the question is, how do i calculate the "maximum torque" or force (at the fixed one) it can holds? My specimen is 10mm diameter with 100mm of length.

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    If the torque wrench that you use to apply the load has a maximum reading indicator, that will give you the data you seek right there.
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    What i understood from your reply, when the specimen breaks, i will just record the reading from the torque wrench (Nm)?

    If that's what you meant, my question is still unanswered, i am finding the maximum force (torque) the drill chuck can grip the specimen until it slips.
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    If the drill chuck slips, then your fixture is inadequate. The whole point of the chuck is to not slip but rather to transfer twist to the test item.
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    jim hardy

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    file three flats on end of your specimen to mate with the chuck's teeth?

    for all we know your specimen is made of material too hard to grip or your chuck might be worn out.

    one experiment is worth a thousand expert opinions.
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