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Torsional Shear Stress

  1. May 9, 2008 #1
    I require some help please.

    I know :

    Rule: T/J = t/r = GΘ/L

    L = length = 0.33
    r = radius = 0.025
    D = diameter = 0.5

    The starting points and stages would help. I have to hand this in next wednesday, i thought i would ask the community.

    Determine the distribution of shear and angular deflection due to torsion in a circular shafts.

    1-Calculate the maximum shear stress produced in the shaft due to torsion.
    2- Calculate the maximum shear strain
    3-Calculate the angle of twist between the two pulleys.

    F1 (N) 2500
    F2(N) 2500
    A (m) 0.1
    B (m) 0.15
    C (m) 0.08
    D (m) 0.05
    P (kw) 2
    N (rev/min) 300


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