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Torus material

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    Do you know any online source where I can purchase a plastic or glass torus which can be machined easily? The requirements are low conductivity and high temperature resistance. (I know it is unlikely for plastics, but worth asking)

    Thank you.

    edit: Forgot to tell dimensions:

    R = 15 cm
    r = 8 cm
    Thickness = -
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    Are you in the US? You might try contacting Tap Plastics to see if they have any ideas: http://www.tapplastics.com/

    Beyond that, you could look into casting the torus yourself maybe...?
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    Try... this material... "Macor machinable ceramics", link to:www.ceramicproductsinc.com
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    This stuff cuts like a dream in the lath.. you can make anything with it...be sure your tools are very sharp... diamond tipped if possible, cut slow and you'll be able to make
    device with no problems. -e
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    Thank you! I am not in the US but I will contact them and see if they can ship me.
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    Like your picture of Tesla... one of my favorite people in history. BTW, I am working on one of Nikola Tesla's concepts...a new method of generating electricity using solid state principles. If you're familiar with his patents maybe we could chat some more. Regards, -e
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