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Homework Help: Total Displacement

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    1. A hiker makes four straight line walks
    A. 15km at 48 degrees
    B. 27km at 134 degrees
    C. 28km at 193 degrees
    D. 14 km at 228 degrees

    in random directions and lengths starting at position (41km, 41km). How far from the starting point is the hiker? All angles measured in a counter-clockwise direction from the positive x-axis. Answer in units of km.
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    Find the X and Y component for each displacement and add them all up. If it goes left it's negative and if it goes down it's negative, vice versa. Once you have the x and y components, use the Pythagorean theorem to get the magnitude of the displacement. Use a trigonometric ratio to find the angle.
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    Thank you that is what I have been doing, but my answer of 80.944 is wrong, and I can't tell where I'm going wrong.
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    make sure your calculator is in degrees, other than that, it's on you to make the proper calculations.
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