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Total force

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    I am trying to figure out force of each vehicle if both travelling at 13.4112m/s one weighing 65kg and the other 75kg many thanks in return forgot to add they both have a crumple zone 0f .5m each
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    What do you mean by crumple zone ( I know what it is but what do you want to do with it?) and F=ma is the equation you're looking for.
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    I do understand f=mxa The problem I have is I have worked out the kinetic energy of each vehicle and the momentum of each vehicle but if the vehicle is travelling at 13.4112 m/s how do I figure the acceleration so as to figure the force. also once the impact occurs would the crumple zone show a difference in force of impact rather then a straight impact. I am also trying to figure out the change in momentum if anyone can help I would much appreciate Struggled with this question all day many thanks
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    I have figured out the force of the vehicles and the change in momentum I now need to calulate the change in energy. the 65kg vehicle has a kenetic energy of 5845.4593kj and the 75kg vehicle has a kenetic energy of 6744.7607kj can anyone tell me what i should do to calculate the change of energy on impact many thanks
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