Stargazing Total solar eclipse

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Unfortunately, I no longer live anywhere near China.:grumpy:
I know someone from Shanghai who is going home to see the eclipse. He promises that he will return with pictures.
Sorry about the late notice guys. You can watch a live broadcast of the total eclipse from University of North Dakota's site. [Broken]

It may take some time to load and it starts at 5:15 PST (15 minutes!!!) so let me know if you have difficulty.
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Here's a quick animation and some still images I took from Shanghai. It rained during totality. During totality, it turned as dark as midnight. When I was in Hawaii in 1991, totality was only twilight-dark. There's a link to an avi file on this page. It was made by one of the astronomers I was watching with. You can see me in the video a few times! It's a large file and might take a long time to load. But it does an excellent job showing the umbrella-clutching crowd experiencing totality. Day changes to night and back to day in just a few minutes.

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