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Totem the T-S words original patten

  1. Sep 26, 2003 #1

    The totem, it was a original pattern of some language. Today, it is far enough with life words. In space and time words to conversation and interchange, the totem should be taken the original pattern position and different with the life language.
    To use totem words have a conversation with the Galaxy wise, the value and idea is not taken the conversation center as so many war beginning from them. The competition and owner is same as the same reason. Let them to get right standard or restrain position. In the peace conversation side, there are some success totems, as powerful, scenery, fact, truth, deed, deed know-how and so on ...... .
    Today, many totems were moulded in some motif of art and literature. There is not rare in totems, to use it in space and time conversation is first step, this way is far enough still.
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