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Tough differential equation

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    i tried to solve this question in all the ways i knew but it wouldnt work ..please help

    xy^2dy/dx + y = x^2

    i tried to solve it by using linear first order differential equation technique and also by using different exact and reducable exact differential equaions... help me
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    Simon Bridge

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    $$xy^2 \frac{dy}{dx} = x^2-y$$
    $$\frac{dy}{dx} = \frac{x^2-y}{xy^2} = \frac{x}{y^2}-\frac{1}{xy}$$
    ... hmmmm... what have you tried?
    ... in what context does it show up?
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    Hi !

    The ODEs of the kind : dY/dX = f(X)*Y^p + g(X)
    are close to the Bernoulli ODE : dY/dX = f(X)*Y^p + g(X)*Y
    where p is not an integer.
    While we know how to analytically solve the Bernoulli ODE, we don't know to solve dY/dX = f(X)*Y^p + g(X) in the general case.
    The question here is to solve the ODE in the case: p=1/3 , f(x)=-3/2X , g(x)=2/3 (see attachment)
    As far as I know, if g(x)=constant (not 0) the ODE is not analytically solvable.
    So, a numerical method of solving will be required.

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