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Homework Help: Tough Lens Problems

  1. Apr 16, 2004 #1
    Lens Problems
    problem 24. A person looks at a gem using a concverging lense with a focal lenght of 13.7 cm. The lense forms a virtual image 35.5 cm from the lense.
    a) Find the magnifaction.
    This is what I have done so far:
    f=13.7 , q= -35.5
    = 4.02333

    Is this right??

    Problem 30. A magnifying glass has a converging lens of focal length 17.4 cm. At what distance from a nickel should you hold this lens to get an image with a magnificaiton of +2.06? Abswer in cm.
    got p=8.7 and M=1.841932169 is this right?
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    Doc Al

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    You posted this same problem in College Help.
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