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Homework Help: Tough one

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    can you help me .... please explain it in steps

    http://img465.imageshack.us/img465/351/38684071rr6.png [Broken]
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    Please show us what you know so that we can help you. What are isomorphic simple graphs? How do you complement an isomorphic simple graph? This is a homework help forum, and you are supposed to use the Homework Help Template, which requires you to show the relevant concepts and equations. We need to know what you know in order to provide any useful help.
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    thanx for replying i am starting with this chapter so i am new to this .... i have a problem understanding the whole concepts so please help explaining it... i would really appreciate your help thanx in advance
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    How many times do you have to be told the same thing- show what you have done on this. If you know absolutely nothing, at least try writing down the definitions. What is a "simple" map? What is the "complement" of a map?
    What does it mean for two maps to be "isomorphic"?
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