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Tough stuff the universe is like a crystal

  1. May 14, 2004 #1
    The universe acts like a crystal [1] because the observed universe is made of huge cosmic scale atoms some seen as galaxies and galactic nuclei [2].

    1. http://www.cc.rochester.edu/College/RTC/Borge/aniso.html
    Indication of anisotropy in electromagnetic propagation over cosmological distances, by Borge Nodland and John P. Ralston, Physical Review Letters, Vol. 78, page 3043, April 1997.
    2. http://www.world-mysteries.com/sci_10_eusa.htm

    There are galaxies, heavy elements and large-scale structures in the most distant accessible universe [3-9].

    3. http://www.astronomy.com/Content/Dynamic/Articles/000/000/001/185qtocj.asp [Broken]
    4. http://www.astronomy.com/content/dynamic/articles/000/000/001/256sitgq.asp [Broken]
    5. http://www.astronomy.com/Content/Dynamic/Articles/000/000/000/785llgvk.asp [Broken]
    6. http://hubble.gsfc.nasa.gov/survey/hubbledev/newscenter/newsdesk/archive/releases/2004/07/text/index.html [Broken]
    7. http://au.arxiv.org/abs/astro-ph/0311279
    8. http://www.gsfc.nasa.gov/topstory/2004/0107filament.html [Broken]
    9. http://www.astronomy.com/Content/Dynamic/Articles/000/000/000/935khpwu.asp [Broken]

    The cosmic microwave background shows large-scale patches [10,11].

    10. http://www.ras.org.uk/html/press/jod0402.html
    11. http://users.indigo.net.au/don/links.html

    What else do you need to debunk the uniformity of the big bang universe beginning?

    What else we do need change the space-time background in the current understanding?
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