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I am looking for a book that has sections on different areas of math. I’ve browsed through a few discrete math books but they have something similar to this but not at the level I am looking for.

Essentially, I would like the book to serve as a tour if you will, so I can try and find a field that looks interesting and then dive into the field with a proper book.

For reference to math level, I am currently taking Calc III and have taken a course on proofs.


Edit: So I thought I’d add this as well, I plan to major in mathematics and hopefully attend grad school in mathematics. If there is something looking back you would recommend for yourself to study on your own that would be great too!
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You might like The Princeton Companion to Mathematics. It is a collection of many short articles about all sorts of branches of math, written by experts in the field. There will be parts that you won't understand with your background, but I think many of the articles do a good job of introducing the subject with minimal prerequisites.
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I enjoyed a paper written by Jaffe about 1984 that gives a good overview of mathematics.
I downloaded the paper from the web so I know you can get the pdf. The was written for SIAM
The paper is called

Ordering the Universe: The role of mathematics
Jaffe, A

I found the paper is a good tour of math and where it fits in to many fields

Good Luck.
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Thanks for the replies, I check both out.