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TOV equations inside a star with non constant density

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    Dear friends,

    Does anyone know how we can solve the TOV equations for a non constant density?
    In all the references, I just saw the solution for a constant density.
    Thanks in advance for the help :)
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    George Jones

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    An equation of state and boundary conditions also are needed. As is often the case with (systems of ) differential equations, few analytical solutions are know. From page 293 of "General Relativity: Am Introduction for Physicists" by Hobson, Efstathiou, and Lasenby:

    "Very few exact solutions are known for realistic equations of state, and so in practice the system of equations is integrated numerically on a computer. The procedure is to ‘integrate outwards’ from r = 0 (in practice in small radial steps of size ##\delta##r) until the pressure drops to zero. This condition defines the surface r = R of the star, since otherwise there would be an infinite pressure gradient, and hence an infinite force, on the material elements constituting the outer layer of the star"
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    Thanks for your explainations.
    Is using general relativity in order to get to the pressure inside a star OK?
    I am doing some calculations and so far I think the gravitational potential would be quit different.
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