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Programs Towards a PhD in the UK

  1. Jun 2, 2009 #1

    I am looking for some advice.

    I am currently studying towards a non-Honours degree in electrical engineering. I would like to work towards a PhD in physics. My original plan was to finish my current degree, transfer across to a honours engineering degree, them maybe to a maters in physics and then to a PhD.

    However, as I was checking out different university sites, I seen that there was some that offered a postgrad diploma which only needed a non honours degree to get a place. From there you could (it seems, if you do well) get onto the MSc (the only difference between the PGDip and the MSc is the MSc has a research element!).

    However, when I explained this to someone, they seemed to think that this would be a bad route to take, that I would be better trying to get onto an honours course etc. But this will mean an extra few years at an undergrad level.

    Does anyone have any ideas, thoughts on the non-honours -> PGDip -> MSc -> PhD route?


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    I don't know anything about engineering, but one thing to think about for the future is that research council studentships require a minimum 2(i) undergrad grade. This can be bumped down to a 2(ii) with a good master's degree, but people with third class degrees don't qualify for research council funding, so I don't think it would be too hopeful for someone with an ordinary degree.

    Of course, this may be irrelevant in engineering fields, since I'm not sure where the funding comes from, but it's something to research.

    Is there any reason why you're on an ordinary programme at the moment? Can you not change onto the honours programme at your current university?
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    You know what, I had never thought of that. For that reason alone, it probably would be better to transfer to an honours course!!

    The college I am at at the minute doesn't run a honours course in anything I would be interested in. But there are other universities close by that do, so transferring shouldn't be a major thing (fingers crossed)
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