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Towards a Science of Consciousness: interest, questions?

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    Note: This is a duplicate of a post already present in the Metaphysics & Epistemology forum. I am posting it here as well because it may also be of interest to forum members who are more interested in biology than philosophy per se. However, in the interest of keeping responses in one location, please send any replies to the thread in Metaphysics & Epistemology, and also refer to that thread for updates.


    As some of you may know already, I am going to attend the Towards a Science of Consciousness 2004 conference this year from April 7-11 in Tuscon, Arizona. (More information http://consciousness.arizona.edu/conference/tucson2004/index.php [Broken].)

    I was already planning on posting a documentation of my visit there once I got back, but a question asked to me by Canute gave me another idea. In another thread Canute asked me to ask something of Roger Penrose if he were giving a plenary session this year. Well, Roger Penrose isn't going to be at this year's conference (or at least, he won't be presenting anything), but the general idea behind Canute's question struck me as a good one. Why not let the members at PF who are interested in contemporary issues in consciousness attend the conference vicariously through me?

    What I am proposing is that members curious about certain issues on consciousness pass on their questions to me, and I will in turn do my best to keep track of answers provided at the conference. (Of course I was already planning on soaking up as much information as possible, but in this case I could try to pay special attention to specific questions / issues.) This could include asking questions about general progress / modern theories of some specific issue, or questions posed to particular individuals in the field. Of course the former would be easier to do than the latter, but in any case I would do my best.

    For now I am trying to gauge interest in this idea more than anything else. Keep in mind that I will be posting about my trip either way; this proposal only differs insofar as I will pay special attention to any questions raised as I am attending the conference. If sufficient interest is shown I will post a detailed itinerary of the lectures and workshops I will be attending, which in turn should help members form specific questions to pass on to me. So, what do you think?
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