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Tower Crane Tie Beam

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    [​IMG] Hello everyone
    can you please take a look in the tie beam and anchor design from the link above as i could not upload the picture directly.
    i want to calculate the maximum force that this anchor can resist before failure !
    also i wan to calculate the maximum tension that this beam can resist before failure!
    here i have 3 beams so should i add all tension to get the total tension force !

    anchor and tie beams of tower cranes use to give stability to the tower crane.
    the anchor will be surrounding the tower crane mast and bolted from each side .

    if any one have a good knowledge about tower cranes please message me as i need to ask further questions

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    Four of your figures are not visible; please fix this.

    This sounds like an ME problem, not a materials problem. Are you sure you have it in the right place?
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    (thread moved to ME)

    Welcome to the PF.

    What is the context of your question? If it is for schoolwork, you need to re-post this in the Homework Help, Engineering forum and fill out the Template you are provided there to show your work on the calculations so far.

    If this is a question for your work, why have you been tasked with doing these safety calculations if you do not have the skills or background to do them? Trying to get advice off the Internet for doing such safety calculations sounds pretty risky, no?
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    at the first this task is not my task in the work, but the engineers here had an argument about this issue
    the issue was either to manufacture a tower crane collar or buying a ready mad one which is not available immediately and it possible to take 1 month to reach.
    i understood all the problem and i was curios about how possible to manufacture a one here so i started so search about it .
    if any one have a knowledge please share.
    BTW it is not going to be manufactured anymore:wink:
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    That sounds good. It is worrisome that the engineers in charge of the design were not able to reach an agreement on the design specs.

    Getting advice from the Internet about such a big project which has life safety implications is generally not such a good idea. Thread is closed.
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