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Towing a travel trailer.

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    towing a travel trailer.........

    hello everyone,

    i belong to several classic trailer sites and there is an issue concerning towing a trailer without brakes. can someone tell me how to determine the force generated, say in pounds per square inch, of a trailer weighing 1400lbs, moving at 65 miles per hour, with no brakes on the trailer. the tow vehicle would be stopping but the trailer would be 'pushing' on the tow vehicle with how much force? most of these old trailers use only a 1 7/8 inch ball to couple the trailer to the tow vehicle. it would seem to be a very weak link as far as stopping.

    many of these trailers weigh in excess of 2000 lbs.

    some people argue that with the improved brakes of todays vehicles brakes are not needed on small trailers. even if the brakes are superior, the hitch is still the same.

    thank you

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    F=ma or F=m(dv/dt) or for a linear negative acceleration F=m(Vf-Vi)/t.

    you're probably right about the hitch
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